Wine made from grapes grown in the region pairs best with regional cuisine. since nature itself and the meticulous experience of generations brought them together when they were born in the same “terroir,” In Alsace, for example, they pour Riesling to sauerkraut, in Italy simply red wine to pasta with tomato sauce, and in Georgia, where spices are frequently salted, Saperavi arrives at your table.

Saperavi by Wine House Gurjaani

It is a dry wine with medium acidity and medium plus level of tannins with a strong body and aromas of black cherries and Blackberries.

How about wine and hot, spicy food?

Wine doesn’t go well with spicy flavors, especially if the alcohol content is high (more than 13% for whites and more than 13.5% for reds). This is due to the warming effect that alcohol has on the larynx, which will combine with the sharpness to produce a burning sensation. If you still choose to drink wine with a spicy dish, make sure the alcohol content is below average, such as in semi-dry Mosel Rieslings, Portuguese Vinho Verde, and some semi-dry Loire Valley Chenin Blanc (France).

What is the most food friendly wine?

Paying attention to versatile and gastronomic wines, we can highlight rosé, which has a nice acidity, light fragrance, and can be used to pair both vegetables and fish or even meat. It is also important to mention oranges, which are white wines that are macerated on the skin. Orange wines pair beautifully with fish and vegetable dishes. Beaujolais wines, Valpolicella, medium-bodied Chardonnay, and Pinot Blanc are also successful in this regard.